Rest and Concentration in the Workplace

Enabled by wireless tablets and smart phones, today’s offices have adapted to the fluid interactions needed for teamwork, yet rarely provide space for private rest, concentration or ‘personal time’. When individual workers need a moment away from the group, what new furniture types will support their rest and concentration? If new work cultures require an integration of living and working, then what is the new vision of physical rest in a professional setting?

16 Cranbrook design students explored these questions as research for Herman Miller International. Six proposals were chosen for prototyping. See booths 1170 and 1480 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC, May 19 thru 22, 2012.

Department of 3D Design:
Vladimir Anokhin, Jack Craig, Mark Dineen, Eric Drury, Brenton Elledge, Kyle Fleet, Mike Haley, Da Mee Hong, Douglas Leckie, Yukyeong Lee, Elizabeth Moran, Cana Ozgur, Christopher Palmer, Ryan Pieper, Matthew Plumstead, Tristan Roland

Cranbrook Project Lead:
Scott Klinker, 3D Designer-in-Residence

Herman Miller Project Lead:
Gary Smith, Director, Design Facilitation & Exploration